Webflow Pricing : Which Webflow plan is best for you

Price for Webflow Serveces

Before we start let’s first make something clear, today we are talking about Webflow pricing which is everything that includes payment in Webflow, so my goal today is to explain to you to the best of my ability what each Webflow plan offers you and what is different between them.

At the end of this post you will know exactly what plan suits you the best and also if Webflow is even the right choice for your scenario at all.

Webflow Pricing Explained

We first need to differentiate every category in witch Webflow offers paid services, since there is variety of different services in which Webflow offers payment plans.

For example there are three 2 main categories that have multiple plans within them and those are:

• Hosting plans (Site plans)

• Workspace plans

Let's take a brief look at each category:

Free Plan

The Free Plan is a fantastic starting point for those looking to explore Webflow. It allows you to build and design without any cost although it has many limitations. Most prominent one is that you can’t make you website with custom domain which is very unprofessional and also bad for your web presence in general.

If you decide to go with it anyways your domain might look something like this: portfolio-29fb8f.webflow.io

Site Plan

Site Plan is just a fancy word for hosting, and this is probably most commonly used service that Webflow provides. The range is pretty big here, from basic plan that is good for portfolio websites and small businesses to full blown E-commerce plans that you can use to scale your business to the moon!

Picking right site plan is crucial to avoid unnecessary cost and futures that you might never use, but more about that later.

Workspace Plan

The Workspace Plan is tailored for teams and agencies. If you are business owner and not developer yourself you probably don’t have to bother with this part.

But if you are someone who is looking to build website yourself, or even freelancer or agency owner looking to start using Webflow as your main development tool, than this part is very important.

Webflow Pricing Breakdown - What Each Plan Offers

Let's explore the features and offerings of each plan in detail:

Site Plans


• Limited to 2 projects

• Basic hosting included

• Webflow branding on published sites

• Can’t add custom domain

• Limited to 2 pages per website


• Unlimited projects

• Custom domain hosting

• No Webflow branding

• Price 14$/mo yearly or 18$ monthly

• 500 monthly form submitions


• All Basic features

• 23$/mo yearly or 29$ monthly

• Dynamic content and CMS collections (2000 CMS Items)

• 1000 monthly form submissions

• 3 Content editors


• All CMS features

• 39$/mo yearly or 49$ monthly

• Advanced e-commerce capabilities

• 1000 CMS Items

• 10 Content editros

• White-labeling options

Webflow site plan pricing

E-commerce Site Plans


• 500 product limit

• 29$/mo yearly or 42$ monthly

• All Business features

• Integrated shopping cart

• 2% transaction fee

E-commerce Plus

• 5000 product limit

• 74$/mo yearly or 84$ monthly

• Enhanced e-commerce features

• Abandoned cart recovery

• 0% transaction fee

E-commerce Advanced

• All Plus features

• 212$/mo yearly or 235$ monthly

• Advanced analytics and reporting

• 15000 product limit

Webflow E-commerce site pricing

Workspace Plans


• Free

• 1 seats included

• 2 unhosted projects


• 24$/mo billed yearly

• 3 seats included

• Enhanced collaboration features

• 10 unhosted projects

• Full CMS access on unhosted sites

• Free guest access into clients workspace


• 42$/mo billed yearly

• All freelances futures

• 10 seats included

• Priority support and advanced team features

• Unlimited unhosted project

Webflow worksapce plans pricing

Whitch plan is right for you?

Now that you know what each plan bring to the table, let’s jump into what is the best plan for you.

If you are student trying to make some sort of portfolio website that you just want to send out to the employers, then free plan might be right for you. Keep in mind you can’t add custom domain to it so It will probably look a little bit unprofessional, but if you can’t afford to pay for the hosting each month It’s the only option.

Basic plan is a great option for small businesses that are looking to build their web presence and get their product out there, but it lacks CMS functionality which might handicap you in terms of SEO battles for some key words that are important to you.

If you are someone how is looking to compete for those top search results on Google and not making E-commerce website than CMS plan is everything you need. It provides you with all the tools to make all the SEO optimizations you might need and also more than enough CMS items (collections) to build your blog or whatever else you need.

I will summarize all the E-commerce plans in one and I will be perfectly honest with you, Webflow is really not the greatest option to build your E-commerce brand on. Reason I am saying that is simply price point. For the price of Webflow hosting for E-commerce websites you can get many moths on some other platform and also a lot of tools Webflow is offering is simply overkill for E-commerce brands.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right Webflow plan depends on your specific needs. Whether you're a solo designer, a growing agency, or an e-commerce powerhouse, Webflow has a plan that can accommodate your goals. I hope I gave you enough information to make educated decision on your own with this article. If you are interested in finding out more about Webflow pricing check out article they wrote themselves called "Weblof Plans and Pricing".

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