Is Webflow Good for Blogging?

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There are a lot of CMS platforms out there, one of the most popular is Worpress blog future, but today we will answer the question is Webflow good for blogging and can it compete with others.

I will give you everything you need to know about Webflow's blogging capabilities and all the pros and cons of using it and at the end of this article you will be able to make a decision if it's the right fit for your needs.

Is Webflow good blogging platform?

Short answer is yes, but as you know there are always things that are good and bad about every platform.

Webflow offers their CMS (Content managment system) with CMS plan (hosting) and it comes with 500 collection items and all futures you would want to create well designed and optimized blog.

They also offer unlimited customization to your blog page itself with every future they have for regular pages plus CMS futures.

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How to Create blog in Webflow

Creating blog in Webflow is very simple and even the ones with no coding or web builder experience can pull it off.

Here is step by step process for creating blog in Webflow:

1. Create new CMS Collection

Go to the CMS icon of the left menu and once you open it in the top right you will have button saying "create new collection".

2. Choose Blog Template

Once created you will have some predefined fields and option on the top to select blog template.

I suggest using this since it will give you a lot of fields that are good for every blog, and you will always have an option to add new ones.

3. Add additional fields

Even if you choose blog template, every blog is different and depending on what you are looking for from your blog you might want to have different setup.

4. Create Blog Template page

Now that you have new collection created, you will get new page in your CMS pages which is where you will customize the looks of your blog.

This part can be tricky if you are not familiar with Webflow, but can be done without any help.

If you feel you want something more professional and custom feel free to hire someone to help you with it.

5. Connect content to your blog template page

Once the looks of the page is done you want to connect your CMS fields to specific items on your page.

This part is very straight forward, just select entity you want to connect and find the field in your collection you want to connect it to and that is it.

6. Add Content and publish

The only thing that is left is to create your post (write all the copy and provide images) and you are done, enjoy your new blog.

Is Webflow CMS better then other competitors?

In some cases yes in others no.

Webflow offers superior customization that most of the CMS's out there but it has it's flaws.

You can make your blog look however you want, but keep in mind you are suposed to use template you create for every single post so I would avoid making something extravagent and just keep it simple.

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Regarding plugins webflow has nowhere near as much of them as their biggest competitor Wordpress, especially for blogging but still has a few that can make your life a bit easier.

Webflow also writes clean code, meaning you can easily export your entire blog’s code if you like. Great code also ensures that the site is fast and the number of bugs is low, affecting the overall user experience and improving SEO rankings for your blog. How much it cost to run a blog in Webflow

Now we are getting into financial side of things.

Aldo some might say Webflow is great value for money I would have to disagree.

Minimal plan required to run blog in Webflow is CMS hosting plan, which is ether 29$/month or 23$ * 12 if you decide to pay year in advance.

For someone that does not have much money it can be a lot. Also most of the other platforms have way cheaper options for basic blog.

What Webflow's CMS isn't good at?

I told you a lot about why Webflow CMS is great, now let's talk about what it lacks.

Firs think I would point out is when you decide to with one type of template and it's fields, it's difficult to add something else later on, unless you plan to add it to every sigle post so far.

One example I would give you is use of buttons. Yes you can use buttons in CMS but if you want for example want to have 5 buttons in one blog and none in the other it can be very hard to menage.

The other thing that is personal issues of mine is adding forms to the Template page. Yes you can have a blog page, but then you will have it on every single one page of your blog.


Webflow proves itself as a strong contender for bloggers. Its powerful CMS, user-friendly interface, and extensive customization options rival established platforms like WordPress.

While planning ahead is crucial, Webflow's advanced features make it a valuable choice, despite its pricing. For bloggers seeking a dynamic and visually engaging platform, Webflow is a compelling option.


How does Webflow's blogging feature compare to WordPress?

Webflow offers a robust CMS with 500 collection items and extensive customization options, making it competitive with WordPress for creating well-designed and optimized blogs.

Is coding knowledge required to create a blog in Webflow?

No, Webflow provides a user-friendly interface, allowing even those without coding or web building experience to easily create a blog.

Can I add unique elements to individual blog posts in Webflow?

While Webflow allows customization, it's important to plan elements at the template level. Adding distinct elements to existing posts later can be challenging.

Are there limitations in adding forms to Webflow's template pages?

Yes, adding forms to the template page means they will appear on every page of the blog. This can be a consideration for those wanting more specific form placement.

How does Webflow's pricing for blogging compare to other platforms?

Webflow's minimum plan for blogging starts at $29 per month, which may be relatively higher compared to some other platforms. However, it provides value through its advanced customization capabilities.

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